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Snapshots from My Day

Today the sixth graders hosted “International Day” at the Byrnes Schools.  My sixth graders have been working on their projects on and off throughout the year and today they put it all together and showed their hard work off to … Continue reading

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We’re Not Teenagers Anymore

In Florence and at our school we both often get comments about how young we look.  “You guys look just like the students.”  “You guys teach high school kids?  You can’t be much older than they are!”  “They’re too young…they … Continue reading

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Funny Kid Quote of the Day

11th Grade Student:  “What does a carpenter do, Mr. Nass?  Do they like put carpet down in people’s houses?”  (His dad apparently works as a carpenter). Me:  “No.  They make things out of wood.” Student:  “Oh.”

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