Love Allows Storms

He fell asleep.  The sky turns yellow than just very dark.  Surely he’ll wake up.  The waves swell.  The rain begins.  He’ll definitely wake up now.  The men feel sick. The boat nearly tips over.  Is he really still sleeping?  The men can hardly hang on to the boat.  Two men begin to cry.  We can’t take it any longer…

“The disciples woke him and said to him, ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” – Mark 4:38

Don’t you CARE?

Don’t you even CARE?

We’re dying here.

We’re drowning.

I still don’t have a job and we don’t have any money.  Don’t you care?

Jess died.  One of my best friends DIED Jesus – don’t you even care?

She has cancer.

There are so many orphans.

I’m lonely.

Our church doesn’t have enough money.

I don’t like my job.

This is difficult.

Don’t you care?  Don’t you care if we drown??

He’s sleeping.  How could he be sleeping?  How could he possibly care and be sleeping?

Because, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” – Col. 1:17

Out of his compassion for us helpless sheep (Matthew 9:36) he first calms the storm before saying anything to the disciples.  He didn’t say, “Peter – what are you doing?  I’m the son of God, I can sleep when I want to sleep.  Leave me alone!”  He didn’t try to teach them their needed lesson of faith while they were still being tossed by the waves.  No, he first out of compassion, spoke to the wind and waves, “Quiet!  Be Still.”  That’s right – Jesus rebuked the wind and spoke to the waves.  And they obeyed.  He commands stillness.  HE brings quiet and calmness.

But as the good teacher, he gives them what the men really needed.  More than the storm to pass, they needed faith.

“He said to his disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?” – Mark 4:40

Why are you so afraid?

Do you not remember that I AM?

Do you not know that I am working all things together for good?

 Do you still have no faith?


I gave you the wind, the rain, and the waves, that you might call on me.  That you might believe I had power to still them.  I gave you the storm for your good.  I care.  I care that you need a job.  I care that you need money.  I care that your friend died.  I care for the orphans, for your aunt, for your job, for your future.  I care, because I AM love.  


And love allows storms.


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If you have to study on Saturday…

It’s finals time.  Dylan has four exams in three days ahead of him this week.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This time next week we will both be laying on the beach of Anna Maria Island, Florida!!  Dylan will be finished with one [academic] year at Tech.  And I will be enjoying my longest break since I’ve started working in Atlanta.  I’m taking off three whole days from work….hallelujah.  (*Note: Pastor Chris this morning talked about how we often idolize rest.  Please don’t judge me right now.  I’ll consider what he said once I’m laying on my beach towel and listening to the waves. ha.)  Anyway, we will be vacationing with Dylan’s mom and step dad – and we are so looking forward to this.

So it’s really just the next three days of exams for Dylan – then we both put in two days of work – and then we’re off.  So I’ve go to help my hubby get through these next three days.  And I’ve got a strategy.

1) Mix sunshine with studying. (If you have to study on a sunny, warm Saturday…this is how to do it!)

2) Feed him well.  Good food makes you think better, right?  All those other kids in his class are eating take-out and delivered pizza this week.  Almost guaranteed.  C’mon, he’s gotta have the winning edge!  Dinner tonight: Chipotle Pork Loin with Black Bean Salad.  Breakfast tomorrow: Banana Bread.  Did I just brag about being a great wife & cook?  I think I did.  I’ll think about that too when I’m on the beach next week.

Happy studying (if ever that is possible) to those of you taking exams. 🙂


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Board Game Scores REVISED!

After much deliberation from the Committee for the Betterment of the Nasses’ Blog (CBNB), we have decided to add “away” scores to our Board Game Scores page (“away” being people who come into our house and beat us at our board game… eeerrrrrrrr).  We need to credit Cnorm with the idea, and now that we actually have friends to play our board games with, we have decided that it would be in the best interest of our blog to include this addition to our “Board Game Scores” page.  Check it out to see who made it on the scores!

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How We Fool Ourselves

How easily we fool ourselves into thinking we are something mighty; a people of great strength and control.  How easily God reminds us of how frail and feeble we really are.

Praying for Japan this morning.

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Happy Women’s Day

Did you know it is International Women’s Day today?  It seems rather appropriate that I’m reading Little Women right now.  As I’ve been reading about the unique quirky personalities of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, I keep thinking about all the unique qualities of the women in my life.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded and influenced by such strong women.  So this is to each of you fabulous women…thank you for being in my life.

I know this may look like just one more Facebook album to some of you.  But when I look at these pictures I see so many things I’ve learned about being a woman.  When I look at these faces I see: faith, joy, laughter, creativity, wisdom, beauty, courage, passion, kindness, strength, adventure, encouragement, vulnerability, femininity, intelligence, motivation, hard work, love, comfort, compassion, perseverance through pain and honesty.

p.s. I feel blessed to say that the pictures that I posted are not even close to exhaustive of the women that have influenced and inspired my life.

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Weekend Getaway

Here are some highlights from our mini-vacation to Savannah, GA.

The Food

All good beginnings of vacations should start this way: a tasty cup of coffee & quiche (and a cherry chocolate – something beyond incredible he says- mocha) at a charming coffee shop.

The Sweets.  Ooooh the sweets…

Candy store fav picks: Gummy toy army men, Charleston Chews & Sweet Tart Lollipops…oh, and of course we also tried the pralines.  They were indeed divine.

That reminds me, I really need to make a dentist appointment. Blech.

The Walking & Viewing

75 degrees and sunny in a beautiful city on the water?  Perfect.  Thank you.

The Random

Call us immature.  We laughed.  You just might too.

A tree climbing competition.  The people were so into it.  Who knew there is a whole community out there that spends their weekends at tree climbing events?  Who knew?!

The Entertainment

Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar.  The music was fun – but maybe more fun was people watching. 

Savannah Ghost Tour

Fun and funny tour hearing about the myths & lore of Savannah.  Can you see the face in the “orb” we spotted in the picture we took?

…us either…

Okay and we’ll just be honest here…one of the best things about the vacation?  Cable television at the hotel.  Thank you HGTV for providing hours of House Hunters at night & pre-afternoon nap.  Yes, we drove back to the hotel on Saturday afternoon to take a nap.  That’s how we roll.

The Family History

This was very cool.  I saw the church my dad went to as a lil’ guy and the streets where he used to live.  I also visited the cemetery where my Granny is buried, along with relatives back to the Civil War.  There is so much history in this city, but it was so neat to be able to connect to it personally. There is so much of my family’s history here.  And wow, talk about some military history too!

And Lastly the Books

What kind of vacation doesn’t involve some quiet time with good books?

Lauren – C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

Dylan – J.R.R. Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring




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iguana love you forever

“iguana love you forever”

it’s the little things…

  • packing me lunch in the morning
  • telling me I look beautiful…always
  • doing the dishes
  • saying “thank you”
  • praying for me
  • putting his arm around me in public – like saying without words “there may be a lot of people in this room, but you’re the most important one”
  • saying that i’m great in front of other people…and NOT saying all the ways that i’m really not so great
  • lifting my head up when i’m crying and wanting to hide from the world
  • reminding me to trust the Lord instead of sit in worry about life’s circumstances
  • running errands with me
  • being patient when i want to look at every option of birthday card before i pick one
  • laughing at my poor attempts to be funny…and telling me they are not poor attempts
  • dancing with me in the kitchen
  • babysitting my niece and nephew with me
  • pushing me to run farther than i think i can…but not giving me a hard time when i tell him i really cannot run another lap
  • roses on valentines

…that all add up to the big things…

  • working hard at school…for himself, for me, for our future family, for the Lord
  • listening to me
  • pursuing Christ
  • having a generous heart
  • carrying a sacrificial disposition toward me
  • caring about my dreams & helping me pursue them
  • loving me

i’m thankful today for my husband.  for all the little and big ways he lives love.

happy valentine’s day.


p.s. our real valentine’s celebration/mid-winter (if you call 70 degrees winter) get-away is this coming weekend in Savannah! pictures to come

p.p.s. but of course we (or maybe I should say I) can’t pass up a holiday with a bit of color & festive food. oh, how i do love holidays. (add to the small things list: he participates in all holiday hullabaloo because as I said last night, “we will have time for decorating the cookies right? ’cause that’s really important to me…”)  so here’s a little of our festivities:

(the cookies that were going to go into my work and dylan’s lab today…except we forgot them at home. oops!)

awaiting me when I got home from work. 🙂

(dessert I made for us tonight. so so good. recipe can be found here: Romantic Brownie Sundaes)

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