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Here Fishy, Fishy…

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. – Washington Irving I couldn’t agree more… Advertisements

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Snowed In Day #1

Woke up to this: Favorite quotations from listening to the local news this morning: News anchor, “Just to give you a summary, it snowed last night.” News anchor, “…it doesn’t matter how many drives you have on your 4-wheel drive, … Continue reading

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Ringing in the New Year!

So technically, most of this took place prior to New Year’s Day.  But who’s keeping track. Lauren had off work on Friday and got off early on Thursday… which meant a REALLY long weekend (which is still in full swing … Continue reading

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8 Reasons We Love Camping & Hiking

1. The people you meet. (Thank you campsite host for showing us how to carve bears out of wood with a chainsaw, how to do screen-printing, and for giving us free John 3:16 t-shirts. We think  you’re awesome.) 2. People … Continue reading

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“killer hike”

I recently read an article in Backpacker (props to Jamie for the subscription) that was (in my opinion) one the of single greatest articles ever written… ever.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it was a really, really good … Continue reading

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An Anniversary Vacation, a Kentucky Trip, and Our First Guest

*Sigh*  So sorry we have failed y’all lately.  We have been REALLY bad about updating the blog.  For those of you still faithfully checking, we applaud you.  And now, we will reward you with lots of pictures (and short comments … Continue reading

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Catching Up

For the past two weeks Dylan and I have been busy catching up with friends and family in Wisconsin.  And so now we’re going to catch up with y’all via some photos!  Enjoy. We spent a lot of time just … Continue reading

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