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We’re Not Teenagers Anymore

In Florence and at our school we both often get comments about how young we look.  “You guys look just like the students.”  “You guys teach high school kids?  You can’t be much older than they are!”  “They’re too young…they … Continue reading

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To Buy or Not to Buy

I read an interesting article on the MintLife blog (link here) discussing the advantages of renting over buying a house.  The first thing I wondered was, “Where was this article a few years ago when the housing bubble was at … Continue reading

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Goodbye to a Dear Friend

It is official… the Saturn is for sale.  We finally have it all clean (in and out), a new battery, and ready for a new owner.  She looks better than either of us can ever remember. There are a lot … Continue reading

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Best Budgeting Software… for FREE!

A number of you have probably already heard of this great website, but if not, we wanted to share.  We have been using for budgeting for about 6 months now (basically since we’ve been married), and we love it! … Continue reading

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Breaking the Law

Today’s drive to school turned out to be quite an expensive one.  $188 to be exact.  Apparently we were going 52 mph in a 35 mph school zone.  Ironic, huh?  Teachers speeding in a school zone. We are now accepting … Continue reading

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