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Two Years

I can still feel the butterflies…foot tapping…watching the clock…counting down the minutes ’til the ceremony. And then just like that, after all those months,  with just a few words pronounced….we were Mr. and Mrs! Hand in hand… and with much … Continue reading

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To Mrs. Roomie

Once upon a time there were two girls who were both assigned to a little room on the first floor of Ramsay.  They were named Rooms and Roomie.  In the midst of Lion King sing-a-longs…. and first college dances… ..and … Continue reading

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If you have to study on Saturday…

It’s finals time.  Dylan has four exams in three days ahead of him this week.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This time next week we will both be laying on the beach of Anna … Continue reading

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iguana love you forever

“iguana love you forever” it’s the little things… packing me lunch in the morning telling me I look beautiful…always doing the dishes saying “thank you” praying for me putting his arm around me in public – like saying without words … Continue reading

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Ringing in the New Year!

So technically, most of this took place prior to New Year’s Day.  But who’s keeping track. Lauren had off work on Friday and got off early on Thursday… which meant a REALLY long weekend (which is still in full swing … Continue reading

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A Few Recent Photos

The title of this post just reminded me of a funny story from last Friday at work.  I am talking to someone at a rental car company: Man “Ma’am, what is your company’s name?” Me “Photo Science.” Man “How do … Continue reading

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Need a Coach?

[on the way to the outlet mall after seeing a billboard for a Coach store] “Oh good, I’m so glad they have a Coach store at the mall,” Dylan jokes. “Yeah, me too…I’ve really been needing a Coach,” I exaggerate. … Continue reading

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