Board Game Scores

Scrabble: Home:    Dylan – 3  Lauren – 0
Away:     Cnorm – 1

Bananagrams: Home:  Dylan – 0  Lauren – 1
Away:    Maggie – 1

Trivial Pursuit: Dylan-0  Lauren-2
Away:     Sue Risseeuw – 1

Axis and AlliesDylan – 1  Lauren – 0

Monopoly/Monopoly City:  Dylan – 2  Lauren – 4

Settlers of Catan:  Home:  Dylan – 1  Lauren – 3
Away:  Erika – 1  Steven – 1

Killer Bunnies:
Away: Lauren – 3  Erika – 1  Taylor – 1






8 Responses to Board Game Scores

  1. s.henderson says:

    Wow….I can’t believe you not only figured out how to play that Axis and Allies game, but you indeed DID play AND complete a game. What did that take…a weekend and some sick days combined to complete?

  2. nassfam says:

    Haha. It actually took a couple of weeks (playing a round here and there). It is a lot of fun, but definitely takes a looooooong time to play!

  3. shieldsy says:

    Pickle, you gotta step it up. Mrs. Pickle is dominating you in the board games! Hope life is treating you both well.

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  6. Catherine says:

    sweet, sweet victory.

  7. Catherine says:

    sweet, sweet victory!

  8. Catherine says:

    oops. didn’t mean to comment twice. i got more excited the second time as you can tell by the !

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