Happy Women’s Day

Did you know it is International Women’s Day today?  It seems rather appropriate that I’m reading Little Women right now.  As I’ve been reading about the unique quirky personalities of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, I keep thinking about all the unique qualities of the women in my life.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded and influenced by such strong women.  So this is to each of you fabulous women…thank you for being in my life.

I know this may look like just one more Facebook album to some of you.  But when I look at these pictures I see so many things I’ve learned about being a woman.  When I look at these faces I see: faith, joy, laughter, creativity, wisdom, beauty, courage, passion, kindness, strength, adventure, encouragement, vulnerability, femininity, intelligence, motivation, hard work, love, comfort, compassion, perseverance through pain and honesty.

p.s. I feel blessed to say that the pictures that I posted are not even close to exhaustive of the women that have influenced and inspired my life.


About nassfam

Newly married, living in the city, striving towards oneness, figuring out what we want to do when we grow up, loving Jesus in all things.
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One Response to Happy Women’s Day

  1. Carolyn March says:

    I love you, Lauren! I’m so thankful for you. Miss you and glad to see a glimpse of your life through your blog:) xoxox Carolyn

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