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8 Reasons We Love Camping & Hiking

1. The people you meet. (Thank you campsite host for showing us how to carve bears out of wood with a chainsaw, how to do screen-printing, and for giving us free John 3:16 t-shirts. We think  you’re awesome.) 2. People … Continue reading

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Happy Fall


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500 Days of Summer

If you have not yet seen this movie… go rent it now.  Trust me.

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A Few Recent Photos

The title of this post just reminded me of a funny story from last Friday at work.  I am talking to someone at a rental car company: Man “Ma’am, what is your company’s name?” Me “Photo Science.” Man “How do … Continue reading

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If you didn’t get the update [a month ago] I have a job! Here’s a few things I’ve learned at my job in the past month: Office cubicles are adults’ outlet for dorm-room type decorations that they want to pretend … Continue reading

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My new [somewhat random] interest…

North Korea. It started out by buying this book (after randomly coming across it on I’m halfway through – and it is fascinating…in that horrible, but fascinating kind of way. Then, I’ve been listening/reading the news about how the … Continue reading

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“killer hike”

I recently read an article in Backpacker (props to Jamie for the subscription) that was (in my opinion) one the of single greatest articles ever written… ever.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it was a really, really good … Continue reading

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