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Which rules do you play by?

[Thoughts from sections of Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing About Grace?] “The church has allowed itself to get so swept up in political issues that it plays by the rules of power, which are rules of ungrace.” – Philip … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Dylan celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday- and he’s so special that his professors gave him the day off!  Okay, so maybe they didn’t know it was his birthday…and maybe he only has a lab on Tuesdays…and maybe it’s the first … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Cracker Bear

Hi there! I call myself Cracker Bear….not to be confused with another guy named “Cracker Bear-all” which I’ve heard the couple talk about.  Apparently he is SO big that people actually walk INTO him to eat.  Not me…I’m too small … Continue reading

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An Anniversary Vacation, a Kentucky Trip, and Our First Guest

*Sigh*  So sorry we have failed y’all lately.  We have been REALLY bad about updating the blog.  For those of you still faithfully checking, we applaud you.  And now, we will reward you with lots of pictures (and short comments … Continue reading

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