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I did it!!

754 pages.  I did it. It only took me….approximately 2 years.  Well, I actually started reading Tolstoy’s beast of a book during the summer of 2008 due to my friend Katie’s suggestion. [Actually, we were going to do it TOGETHER!] … Continue reading

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Snapshots from My Day

Today the sixth graders hosted “International Day” at the Byrnes Schools.  My sixth graders have been working on their projects on and off throughout the year and today they put it all together and showed their hard work off to … Continue reading

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Rhythm Kung Fu!

Kick! Left punch! Right punch! Hoo Huh HA!

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Wedding Shower and Whitewater Rafting

We’re heading to a (couples) wedding shower for this adorable couple this weekend in Charlotte, NC.  It’s gonna be a blast! And after the shower, everyone is going whitewater rafting!  The Mrs. is… well… let’s just say… a bit nervous. … Continue reading

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To Our Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day. We love our mothers. We wanted to include a few snapshot memories of moments that sing, “This is why I love my Mom.” I remember… Mom helping me pick out my wedding dress. A girl can’t forget … Continue reading

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It All Comes Down to This

1. The Peace of Westphalia (1648) resulted in which of the following? A.  Undisputed control over central Europe by the Hapsburgs B.  The creation of a strong central government to rule the Holy Roman Empire C.  The guaranteed independence of … Continue reading

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Pump it UP!

Anyone who knows Lauren and I well know that we are not the greatest at sticking to regiments.  We will be really good for a few days, maybe even a week or two if we really push ourselves… then after … Continue reading

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