Grad School

Books, books and more books…the story of my life right now!

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of September!  September has been filled with birthdays, a new nephew, football games and oh one more thing BOOKS.  I guess you can say I’m “settled in” to grad school now.  My “rhythm” consists of pretty much reading every minute that I’m not eating/sleeping/or taking [necessary] planned time off to actually hang out with the hubs/friends/family.  But really…I mostly read.  Oh, and write papers.  And I go to class and discuss the books.  Maybe I sound like I’m complaining.  But really, I am loving it.  The reading is so interesting and the seminar discussions are great.  The paper due dates come around like the fast and furious – but I’m digging in and getting them done.  The anxiety has been REAL and fierce when I look ahead to how much work I need to do, and also feel the real struggle to invest my time in what’s even more important than school – the Lord, my husband, friends, family, the church.  I guess you could say I am (and Dylan and I both are) walking in the tension.  We’re figuring out how to prioritize…and some days are better than others.

But on a lighter note – I thought I’d share some fun(ny) things about grad school  (compared to undergrad).

1. Orientation does not involve water balloons, costumes or ice cream.  But thankfully, it did involve pizza and beer….so really…I’m not complaining.

2. Undergraduate final papers (those 10-15 page ones) become weekly assignments in grad school.

3. I read the words teleological, epistemology, pejorative and historiography on a daily basis.  Other that historiography, I am pretty sure these words were not in my undergraduate vocabulary.

4. I actually read the footnotes.

5. The majority of my day consists of reading and writing instead of coffee & lunch dates and just “hanging out.”

All right, speaking of consisting of reading and writing.  It is time for me to get back to some work!


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Acoustic Night with The Weepies

From the first time I heard “World Spins Madly On” (and then listened to it at least 4 more times in a row), I have loved The Weepies!  Tonight, Lauren and I went to see them in concert for an Acoustic Show at the Variety Playhouse in Little 5 Points (Atlanta).  Wow… hands down the best concert I’ve been to!  (It actually tied with Ben Folds at Summerfest).  Deb Talan’s voice is angelic and sounds just as amazing live as on the CDs.

What made the concert over-the-top good was how cute the two of them are on stage.  They seemed like a really fun, cute married couple that you would want to be friends with.  Oh ya… and who can make sweet, sweet melodies.

If you haven’t heard them before… give them a listen!

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Two Years

I can still feel the butterflies…foot tapping…watching the clock…counting down the minutes ’til the ceremony.

And then just like that, after all those months,  with just a few words pronounced….we were Mr. and Mrs!

Hand in hand…

and with much celebration…

it was a day we will never forget. so much happiness. so much newness.

Two years later…

a little less newness, but still so much happiness.

Happy Anniversary, my love.  Thank you for daily loving me.


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Here Fishy, Fishy…

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.
Washington Irving

I couldn’t agree more…

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Happy Fathers Day!

To the Dads in our lives:

Happy Fathers Day!

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To Mrs. Roomie

Once upon a time there were two girls who were both assigned to a little room on the first floor of Ramsay.  They were named Rooms and Roomie.  In the midst of Lion King sing-a-longs….

and first college dances…

..and dancing and twirling…

..and big fancy hats…

…they became like two peas in a pod….or in a pair of pants.

And even though they had spent many nights commiserating about what they were certain would be their shared destinies…two spinsters with cats (18 year old girls are very good at predicting their next 70 years), somehow, the Lord intervened.

And they became two beautiful brides.

Rooms and Roomie could not have been more excited about the miracle.

August 1, 2009

May 28, 2011

And although their lives were not without trials or tears, they really did live lives that were happy…ever after.

To Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kuhn.  Congratulations.  May the Lord bless and keep you and may His face shine upon you.  May you together make HIS name great.  And Roomie, thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for years of stomach-hurting-kind of laughter, encouragement, empathy and support.  Love you!

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How was our vacation, you ask?


the beach was beautiful. perfect for reading, playing bocce ball, & spotting manatees! and the water was perfect for swimming and catching fish! we ate fresh seafood and sipped yummy drinks poolside (thanks Real Simple for this recipe: Pomegranate-Lime Fizz). and then with sun-soaked skin and tummies full, we played games until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. it was great. 🙂

Oh yeah…and it wouldn’t be a vacation if there weren’t a few naps thrown in there too.  You know how we do…

Thank you Sue & Randy for such a great vacation.  Now back to real life…

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